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Topsoil and Potting Soil

Keep your plants growing and your yard looking beautiful with North Hill Resources, Inc. of Burlington, Washington. Our professionals create the highest quality topsoil and potting soil that is sure to impress the neighbors. We even offer custom mixes upon request.

Soil - Topsoil

1. 3-Way Top Soil - A sandy loam soil, sand, and compost processed through a 1/2” screen. Excellent for seeding lawns, sod, flower beds, and vegetable gardens.

2. 2-Way Top Soil - 60% Compost and 40% Sand. Light and fast draining. Perfect for top dressing, spot seeding, and vegetable gardens.

3. Screened Native - A Sandy loam soil processed through a 1/2” inch screen. The soil will be free of rock and wood debris larger than 1”. Used for those areas that require soil to fill in low spots.

Contact us to ensure your landscape is level and lush with our selection of topsoil and potting soil.


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