Black Bark / Mulch – salt free $13.50 per yard picked up.

Recycled concrete / asphalt grindings – Good for those roadway projects or building pad $10.50 Per Yard, Picked up
Delivery available, call for pricing.






North Hill Recourses takes pride in testing and mixing all of these soil products every 90 days to insure the highest quality. Topsoil is comprised of three basic groups of organic matter - sand, clay particles and humus. A high proportion of clay particles will create heavy soil that is difficult for air and water to pass through; too much sand will create soil that drains too quickly and cannot retain moisture or nutrients. Either problem can be remedied by amending the soil with humus or compost material.


Sandy loam soil, steer manure, and compost and utility sand processed through a 1/2” screen. Excellent for seeding lawns and sod. Material rakes out easy for those winter time landscape projects in the Pacific Northwest.


Sandy loam soil, steer manure, and compost processed through a 1/2” screen. Excellent for seeding lawns, sod, flower beds, and vegetable gardens.


Skagit Valley Sandy loam soil. Used for those areas that just requires soil to fill in low spots but require a screened, rock and wood free soil.


Just need soil? Try our unscreened soil Perfect for fill in those low areas. Fill dirt contains rock and possibly as much as 20% organic wood material t. Used to fill holes for example after you have removed a large tree stump and need to fill in with a less expensive soil, you would use fill dirt followed with our Winter or 3 way mix just to top it off and prepare it for planting of you new lawn, shrubs and or trees.


Compost is made from locally recycled garden pruning’s and vegetable trimmings. Ideal for soil amending and mulching, Compost improves the soil by adding organic matter, microbes, nutrients and trace minerals. Compost is U.S. Composting Approved.